Monday, September 18, 2006

Civilisation 1, Islam 0

Okay, so the Pope's speech made this main point; a religious conversion is a matter for the soul, a movement of intellect and an emotional response to a convincing argument of some sort.

And in the course of attempting to show that religion is NOT a matter for the body, and thus cannot be forced through fear or violence, he quoted a 14th century Catholic philosopher who had said (in a discussion with a Muslim) that Mohammed had brought nothing new to the religion table, only what is evil and inhuman, which was to say forced conversions.

All of fundamentalist Islam is now upset that the Pope mentioned "evil and inhuman" and the prophet in the same breath-- so to prove him wrong they've gone out and burned churches and murdered people.

They backshot a nun from ambush. Killed her.

As she lay dying she said "I forgive, I forgive".

Wanna know what an actual martyr looks like? Killed for her religion, forgave her killers with her last breath.

That's a martyr, in the tradition of Christ's apostles, of Christ Himself when he said "forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do".

I can't help wondering if Jesus would implore God on behalf of violent militant Islam with the same plea of ignorance. Do these people know what they do? Are they so convinced that God Himself wants them to murder innocents, or are they just giving in to the temptation of striking out in anger at the visible superiority of the West over Islamic society? Are they men of God or just angry young men using the cover of religion to justify their rage?

There is the metaphorical advice given by Jesus that says you will be able to tell the nature of a tree by the fruit it bears. Clearly the fruit of the tree of fundamentalist Islam is threats, fear, terror, murder... and even a non-Christian modern American something-ist has to ask himself, "is this the kind of fruit that the tree called God would be growing? If there's a God, would He be the kind of God who would tell angry young men to murder people in His name?"

It's been a dozen years or more since an abortion doctor was shot by a nut calling himself a Christian. Whenever that happens in this country, Christian organizations across America make statements denouncing that action and saying it isn't part of Christian doctrine to murder people who don't toe the Christian line.

It's been, oh, a couple of hours since an innocent person was murdered in the name of Islam... anyone heard any blanket denouncements of violence in the prophet's name by mainstream moderate ordinary whitebread Islam?

Me neither.

If you're so inclined, say a prayer for Sister Leonella.

HT Michelle Malkin.


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