Saturday, September 16, 2006

Okay, so IF I were to buy a realistic fake penis with a urine reservoir, in order that I might "pee" in front of a security guy and therefore pass a drug test with someone else's urine in the device, and IF (and I'm speculating here) I were to take it to a convenience store before I get there, so as to microwave it to body temperature in order to help pass the test, would I then be so absent minded as to hand it to the clerk and ask him to put it in the microwave?

Probably not. But somebody did.

And if this isn't bizarre enough, the story seems confused about the gender necessities. A woman is pleading guilty to having done this, but who was supposed to use it, and with the urine of whom? I can't figure it out from reading the story. You try.

If you've got nothing better to do. Which is inconceivable.


Blogger Ixman said...

OK, let the really bad jokes begin:

"Will this be to go?"

"Nah... I'll eat it here."


"NO! I asked if you had seen Hitchcock before!"


"Hot Toddy, anyone? I just got this really cool dispenser at Spencer Gifts!"

7:41 AM  

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