Saturday, September 02, 2006

Let's see what you're REALLY made of. Part One

You know, Madonna - and really just about any popular "edgy" performer - has been hammering on Christianity for so long that her schtick has gone long beyond banal, way past stale, and deep, deep into comical territory. I was around for her first performances, when she was shoving crucifixes in her rectum or whatever, and for her '90's rehash of the same (along with her dog squatting), and I get to see it all again front and center on the Drudge Report .

I'm not really mad or anything (remember that I said that it was comical), I'm just making an observation of sorts: Madonna et. al. are real good at kicking those who don't kick back. For all of the talk about oppression this and scandal that, the Catholics, and Christians in general, are really pretty safe targets. There's really nothing very envelope busting (or fearless, as she would have us believe) about her whole act.

But, you know what would show me she's fearless? Why doesn't she come out against honor killings or genital mutilation, or a whole slew of barbaric acts as practiced by - let's face it - largely adherents of another very popular and powerful world religion? By come out against I mean of course openly mock, much as she does with Christianity. Imagine the fun she could have with chadoors! Burqa Burlesque anyone?

Why indeed?Because - and I say this without a hint of glee or irony - she knows that in all liklihood she would be, uh, held accountable for what she says and does. I don't mean held accountable in a social justice way or anything like that, and don't say that fact is a good thing (remember that this is just an observation). No, Madonna and her ilk will gladly crap on Christ because deep down they know that they won't face the same repercussions that some other artists have who were openly critical of the Religion of Peace.

C'mon, Madonna, I want real edginess. I want you to do what artists always say that they do and put it on the line for your art! Think about it: all of the major religions have atrocities and some bad will in their past, yet the so called cutting edge of progressive thought concentrates almost exclusively on one religion and neglects the other main religion. Both bad, yet you dis(cuss) only one?

I realize the reason for a lot of this is the fact that the aforementioned artists are commenting on the culture they grew up in, but every damn artist I hear spouting off on the radio or TV refers to himself or herself at least tangentially as an agent of change for good. Yet nobody will comment at all about a culture which - to a large degree - still has large groups who won't let women drive. Let me rephrase that: nobody in the artist community with anything at stake, openly critical of our culture (the very one they just whored themselves out to to get hugh piles of cash) , and mostly from the political left will say anything.

But hell, even after Parker and Stone (and the Comedy Channel) gleefully proclaimed "ha ha, the joke's on you - we were satarizing," the quiet fact remains that they did not show Mohammed, and in fact they never will. None of these established artists will.And they won't because they're just an act - rich, comfortable, and afraid.


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Althouse expands on this.

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