Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Europe is in Trouble: Part III

The Other Side of Kim brings us news of one of Europe's "last elections that matter." That may be a little early, but only a little.

Everything present for the Perfect Storm:

1) European country clinging to multiculturalism, self-doubt, and open borders.
2) Immigrants who have very little self-doubt, and who most certainly do not embrace multiculturalism.
3) Birthrate disparity.

As BrewingFrog says: Better stock up on your Belgian Ales now, as the future doesn't look good for Trappists.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The perfect cradle-to-grave welfare state had a side effect nobody planned for (though anyone with a brain could have predicted it)...

when life is this good, who needs kids to make it difficult? Just enjoy yourselves, the state will pick up the tab..

1:48 PM  

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