Monday, October 02, 2006

Spanish 101

I love this article, in which Mexico urges Bush to veto the U.S. border fence bill.

For those of you who may not speak Spanish, I'll trnaslate some of the more cogent passages:

"The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly backed a bill on Friday to put up about 700 miles of fence, a project Republicans hope will impress voters calling for tougher immigration control ahead of November 7 congressional elections."

Translation: because enough people in the middle are now calling for our collective heads, we are temporarily giving up pandering to business owners on the right and immigrant voter drives on the left.

"This decision hurts bilateral relations, goes against the spirit of cooperation needed to guarantee security on the common border, creates a climate of tension in border communities..."

Translation: now that we might not be able to send our criminals over to you, and now that our NUMBER ONE (!!!) source of income might dry up, what the hell are we supposed to do? You don't expect us to make our country a place where people can actually make a living, do you?

"Mexicans are livid about the fence plan, which is seen as a slap in the face to efforts during Fox's near-completed six-year term to come to an agreement with Washington on immigration."

Translation: Mexicans still stuck in Mexico are pissed.

"Partial measures focused exclusively on security ignore reality and represent ... a political answer rather than a viable solution to this problem...,"

Translation: We really don't like the fact that we can't send our criminals over, and that our main income may dry up.

"U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon said: "We need to know who's coming across our borders and after years of not paying that much attention to the frontier ... we are now attempting to come to terms with it."

Translation: Maybe those parochial slobs in the United States didn't like seeing rallies where people from another country, waving the flag of another country and speaking a foreign language, demanded money and land from our country. That sounds like, oh you know, an invasion.

That concludes our lesson.

Buenas dias!


Blogger Dave said...

I'm still trying to imagine what would happen if I walked into Mexico City, demanded that everyone talk to me in English, and waved a US flag.

But I think it rhymes with MUERTE.

2:39 PM  
Blogger BrewingFrog said...

Dave, does MUERTE come with fries, or frijoles?

4:16 PM  

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